07.5 NGOCSW email list: Australian Government Office for Women

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The Australian Government Office for Women in Canberra hosts an active CSW email list to inform NGOs and other stakeholders, including other government departments, of the Australian events and various meetings around CSW. NGO’s attending or interested in CSW will be informed about relevant events and key issues around CSW. Email addresses are shared with mailing list members to facilitate sharing of information between NGOs. The Australian National Women’s Alliances are linked into the email list and also share the information through their Alliance networks.

As an Australian NGO attending CSW this is a very good list to be on. This is where you will be sent invitations to Australian social events, Side Events and panels. It is where Australians can advertise their events to other Australians, and it is a way of keeping in touch while you are at CSW.

To request to be added to the NGOCSW list email the Australian Government Office for Women at WomensBranchInternational@pmc.gov.au