07.3 Expert Group Meeting (EGM) (hosted by UN Women)

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As seen in Figure 6, the next stage of development of the Zero Draft Agreed Conclusions journey is at the Expert Group Meeting. This meeting is held in a different location each year, normally around September or October. Depending on the venue, NGOs with ECOSOC accreditation may register to be an observer at the meeting.

Expert Group Meetings (EGMs) are used in the preparation of the program of work of the Commission on the Status of Women (CSW). EGMs are used primarily for preparing for the annual Priority Theme of CSW but may also be used in other contexts, such as in preparing flagship reports or other major studies.

The overall objective of an EGM is to bring together external expertise to explore state-of-the-art research and analysis, identify good practices and lessons learned and develop independent policy recommendations on a particular issue. An EGM is a working meeting and brings together individual experts from a variety of fields, including academia, government, civil society and the United Nations or other regional and international bodies.