07.2 Online moderated discussion on Priority Theme (hosted by UN Women)

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Around the beginning of August, UN Women hosts an online moderated forum on the Priority Theme for the following CSW. This interactive forum allows further sharing of issues and strategies, and can assist in building alliances across countries and regions on similar issues.

Participation in the forum allows NGOs to share best practice and be further informed of the key issues and direction the Draft Agreed Conclusions may take.

For NGOs that may not be able to attend CSW, this forum allows for input from a broad range of groups and organisations, including grassroots organisations and allows input into the UN processes. UN Women Australia is hosting the Australian online forum.

Findings from these inputs are used by UN Women to:

  • inform the UN Secretary-General’s reports for CSW
  • guide the discussion of CSW members, and
  • publish an online report on the key themes of the discussion.