07.11 CSW NGO Forum Consultation Day

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The CSW NGO Forum Consultation Day35, convened by the NGO Committee on the Status of Women, NY (NGOCSW/NY) in cooperation with the NGOCSW organisations in Geneva and Vienna, is perhaps the most useful forum for an NGO to attend.

A large number of women attend this forum, held on the Sunday prior to the commencement of CSW. The schedule includes an introduction to key personnel, and updates on both the Priority Theme and the macro issues under discussion at the UN and CSW. High-level panelists from each of the five regions present regional statements, and conversation circles are formed around thematic and new and emerging issues. For those ‘old timers’ to CSW, it is a great way to catch up with old friends, and make appointmen ts for  meetings during the two weeks of CSW. You cannot imagine how easy it is to lose someone in a crowd of 2,000 women!

This event has a registration fee. As part of your registration fee you receive the now legendary NGOCSW Forum Handbook that contains all the Side Events and parallel events occurring during CSW, as well as useful information and contacts.

This event can be overwhelming for first timers, so you may wish to arrange to meet with other Australian NGOs who will be attending and grab a quick cup of tea/coffee first in one of the many coffee shops and diners spattered around New York.

This is a vital introduction to CSW and a great way to get started. The speakers are all passionate and deliver some very motivational speeches. The lunch provides a fantastic opportunity to meet other attendees and there are a lot of other first timers there who are keen to meet as many other people as possible, many of whom you can maintain contact with throughout the next two weeks.

(Sarah Keenan, First time to CSW)