07.10 Release of Draft Agreed Conclusions on CSW

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The release of the Zero Draft Agreed Conclusions to Member States occurs very close to CSW. This document is a starting point for the negotiations to be held at CSW. Once negotiations begin, the Australian Government is not in a position to disseminate drafts as these are internal documents used for the purposes of the negotiations, which are closed-that is, they are only open to government delegates to CSW.

For NGOs, if they can secure a copy of this document prior to attending CSW, advocacy around language can then begin to occur with the Australian delegation prior to departure for CSW. However, it is extremely difficult to get hold of a copy of the Zero Draft Agreed Conclusions, mainly due to the late distribution of the document. It is posted on the NGOCSW website. It has to be noted that for those with a keen interest in working with the language of the text, the versions change very quickly and the nearer it gets to ‘lock down’ in the negotiations, the harder it becomes to get hold of the document.

Suggestions for working with the Draft Agreed Conclusions on CSW are in Chapter 10: Advocacy and Chapter 11: Draft Conclusions and UN language.