07.1 Preparatory Expert Panel (PEP) held at CSW in New York (UN Event)

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Figure 6. Role of PEP in CSW
Figure 6. Role of PEP in CSW

In Figure 6, we see the linkages between the Preparatory Expert Panel (PEP) and the Agreed Conclusions from CSW. The Agreed Conclusions begin their life  as  a Zero Draft Agr eed  Conclusions  document, which is drawn from both the PEP at CSW and the Expert Group Meeting (EGM) held later in the CSW cycle.

International subject-matter experts are invited to present at the PEP on the issue to be presented at CSW the following year. For example in CSW 56th Session in 2012 the PEP was on the Elimination and prevention of violence against women and girls/which is the Priority Theme for CSW57th Session in 2013.

Attending the PEP at CSW allows NGOs to draw out the key issues to be carried forward at the following year’s CSW, and to hear about cutting edge work that may be undertaken internationally on the following year’s Priority Theme.