06.1 Timelines and Events

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Figure 5. CSW Timelines (non BPFA Review year)
Figure 5. CSW Timelines (non BPFA Review year)

The diagram above outlines the events around CSW as a linear timeline. However, CSW processes are more cyclical and interlinked, dealing with different aspects of gender equality each year.

Processes differ in the five-year review years (linked to the multi-year program of work) when regional high level meetings occur in the UN Regional Commissions. The UN Regional Commission for Australia is convened by ESCAP Committee on Social Development, in Bangkok, Thailand.

Your engagement is likely to depend on what you wish to achieve from participating in CSW events and processes. Below is a note on the different events that occur throughout the annual timeline, presented with some suggestions as to why these events may be useful for your organisation.