05. Access Requirements for CSW

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Access to the UN and to The Commission on the Status of Women is complex. While for some, access is determined by the physical environment, CSW can also be difficult to access if you do not have the correct pass(es). During times of large numbers of civil society participation at Commissions and events, limits are set to attendance and extra passes may be required to enter specific events. UN Grounds Passes must be worn at all times while at the UN and CSW events. CSW events held outside the UN building also require that you wear your UN pass.

To complicate things even more, the UN has been undergoing renovations for the last few years. The General Assembly returns from the North Lawn building to the renovated General Assembly Building for the last meeting of its 68th Session. The substantial completion of the General Assembly Building concludes the last major phase of the renovation of the UN Headquarters under the Capital Master Plan.  As there is still uncertainty in regard to whether all works will be completed by the CSW in 2015,  some events may be held in either the main building or the temporary building/s. Security is tight in some parts of the UN and Occupational Health and Safety (OH&S) Regulations apply to all areas.

The aim of this chapter is to assist and demystify some of the physical and conceptual elements of access to the UN.  We specifically thank Women with Disabilities Australia for their input into this section of the Guide.