03.2 Australian Human Rights Commission (AHRC) at CSW

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The Sex Discrimination Commissioner is normally invited by the Minister Assisting the Prime Minister for Women to attend CSW as part of the government delegation. Other AHRC staff have previously attended CSW and may be included on the government delegation in the future, when appropriate. (As mentioned above National Human Rights Institutions do not currently have independent status at the CSW).

As part of their work, the AHRC seeks to inform the Australian Government’s negotiating framework and proposed language for the CSW, including by providing briefings to the Government.

Through its participation in official and Side Events at the CSW and attendance at meetings with key stakeholders, the Australian Human Rights Commission aims to:

  • give high visibility to gender equality issues from Australia,
  • make a strong connection between domestic and international advocacy on gender equality issues,
  • participate in gender equality debates and share lessons learned in addressing violations of women’s human rights,
  • foster relationships and engage with the domestic and international women’s movement,
  • promote the work of National Human Rights Institutions at the international level, demonstrating the
  • strong role they can play in raising gender equality issues at the international level, and
  • assist in the implementation of international human rights agreements, including the Beijing Declaration and Platform for Action, within Australia.

In 2012, the AHRC sponsored an individual to attend the CSW, as part of its FaHCSIA funded scheme to support people with disability to attend eligible international human rights fora.

Following CSW, the AHRC disseminates information about the content and outcomes of the session and investigates opportunities to apply the learning of the session in its own work to advance gender equality in Australia.