03.3 Australia’s Ambassador for Women and Girls at CSW

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The Australian Ambassador for Women and Girls is one of Australia’s highest level international advocates for gender equality and women’s empowerment. Since this role was created in late 2011, the Ambassador has attended CSW annually as a member of the Australian Government delegation. She supports the Minister Assisting the Prime Minister for Women, who leads the government delegation. If the Minister is unable to attend CSW, the Ambassador for Women and Girls is appointed head of delegation.

At CSW, the Ambassador for Women and Girls participates in the Minister’s bilateral meetings and conducts a separate program of appointments with senior government officials from other country delegations, as well as UN representatives, to promote Australia’s negotiating priorities. She represents Australia at formal sessions of CSW and side and parallel events. The Ambassador works with civil society representatives to advance Australia’s gender equality policies and programs.

Through her engagement at CSW, the Ambassador:

  • promotes Australia’s gender equality and women’s empowerment objectives;
  • advocates for Australia’s specific negotiating priorities;
  • seeks to secure strong international commitments to advance gender equality;
  • operates as a focal point for Government- civil society collaboration at CSW;
  • supports the participation of Australian civil society representatives at CSW;
  • works closely with Australia’s Pacific partners to promote Pacific regional approaches to the empowerment of women and girls; and,
  • represents Australia’s experiences and approaches to ending discrimination against women and girls.

Most recently, Australia’s Ambassador for Women and Girls, Natasha Stott Despoja, attended the 58th Session of CSW, contributing significantly to Australia’s profile, reach and capacity to influence CSW resolutions and agreed outcomes. The Ambassador participated in a number of side events, including several at which she promoted Australia’s Women, Peace and Security Agenda and our Post-2015 Development priorities. The Ambassador highlighted Australia’s work on gender equality in the Asia-Pacific, including Australia’s efforts to compile data on violence against women, to provide better support services for survivors of violence, and to promote women’s leadership and economic empowerment.