15. Checklists

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Prior to CSW Checklist
Are you going to CSW?
Government NGO Interaction
Have you informed the Australian Government Office for Women that you are interested in CSW and been placed on their CSW email attendee list?
Have you considered how you or your organsation will engage with the Australian government prior to CSW;  i.e attending a round table, making a written submission, endorsing a potential delegate?
Have you prepared a position and suggested language (one or 2 sentences) for inclusion in CSW?
Practical Considerations
Have you secured funding for your attendance?
Have you booked your flight?
Is your passport valid for at least 6 months from time of arrival in the USA?
Australians are required to have a valid ESTA Visa or valid visa – do you have a valid visa for your stay in the USA.
Have you checked for any further visa requirements for your trip to USA?
Have you booked your accommodation?
Have you checked what the weather conditions will be like during the weeks ovfCSW and sourced appropriate clothing and footwear?
Registration to CSW
Have you sent all necessary paperwork to your organisational point of contact for the UN?
Have you received your letter of invitation to CSW?
Have you checked that the names on the letter of invitation are the same as the name in your passport?
Prior to CSW Checklist
Organisational Considerations
Do you have a mandated organisational position on the thematic issue?
Are you clear on what you/your organisation wishes to gain from CSW?
Have you applied for organisational accreditation to attend CSW?
Are you hosting a parallel event or participating in a side event at CSW?
Have you been notified of your side event at CSW?
Have you developed your advertising material for your event at CSW?
For parallel events have you booked and paid for your room with NGOCSW Committee?
For Side Events have you checked with the host regarding access arrangements to the room?
Do you have a communication plan on how to share the information from CSW with your organisation / networks?
Registration to NGOCSW Events in New York
Are you attending the CSW NGO Information Day?
Have you booked and paid for your place at CSW NGO day? Have you informed them of any special requirements?
Have you booked and paid for your attendance at the NGO Networking Special Event? Have you informed them of any special requirements?
At CSW Checklist
Registration at the UN
Do you have your Passport and Letter of Invitation to CSW?
Do you know the times you can attend to register for CSW?
Do you have directions to the Visitor Entry to the UN?
NGOCSW Events in New York
Are you attending the NGOCSW Forum?
Have you printed a copy of your registration for NGOCSW Forum?
Do you have directions to the venue of the NGOCSW Forum?
Are you attending the NGOCSW Networking Event?
Do you have directions to the venue of the CSW Networking Event?
Government NGO Interactions in New York
Is there an evening networking event being held at the Australian Mission in New York?
Have you received your invitation?
Have you notified them of any special requirements? (if not check with the Australian Government Office for Women)
Are you attending any of the Australian delegation hosted Side Events? Have you been included on the list (normally circulated during the CSW pre-departure briefing)? Don’t assume you have a place at Australian events just because your organisation always goes to CSW – contact the Office for Women.
Organisational Considerations
Have you set up a time to meet with other members from your organisation?
If hosting a parallel session or side event, do you have a strategy for distributing your event information? Do you have enough copies of handouts to distribute?
Do you have a clear media plan?
Post CSW Checklist
Organisational considerations
Have you finalised your report to CSW?
Have you reported back to Australian NGO Women’s Sector?
Have you analysed the Agree Conclusions from CSW and any relevant Resolutions and developed a list of strategies to roll out the Agreed Conclusions in the Australian Context?Have you gained support on these strategies?
Government NGO Interactions
Are you attending the CSW Debrief?
Have you sent your considerations on roll out of the Agreed Conclusions to theOfW so they can digest/distribute them prior to the meeting?
Can you explain how your organisation relates to the Agreed Conclusions / Resolutions?
CSW Events – Social Events
Event Action Further Information
Australian Delegation daily meetings (arranged in New York dependant on space) Sent to CSW attendees via mailing list Word of mouth in New York Contact NGO delegate with Australian Government Delegation. Contact another Australian NGO delegate.
CSW NGO Consultation Day (normally held the Sunday before CSW begins) Registration and payment required www.ngocsw.org/ngo- csw-forum/
CSW / NGO   Networking Event (normally held at Turkish Centre opposite the UN on the Tuesday of the first week of CSW) Registration and payment required www.ngocsw.org/ngo-csw-forum/
Australian networking event at the Australian Mission (date and time varies depending on mission availability) Invitation issued via Australian Government Office for Women Sent to CSW attendees list Contact International Office of Australian Government Office for Women and get added to the CSW attendees list. WomensBranchInternational@pmg.gov.au