14.4 Useful Weblinks

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Australian HumanRights Commission An overview of AHRC’s work and how it links to the Priority Themes and CSW www.Humanrights.gov.au/ sex_discrimination/ international/ mechanisms.html
Australian National Women’s Alliances The National Women’s Alliances were established in 2010 and are funded by the Australian government. They focus on a distinct issue or stakeholder group and take the lead in ensuring that the voices of as many women as possible are heard, especially those who in the past have found it difficult to engage in advocacy and decision making. Office for Women, the Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet
Commission of the United Nations Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) An archive of sessional meetings and documentation of the Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) specific to gender-related agenda items. www.un.org/womenwatch/daw/ documents/ecosoc.htm
Commission on the Status of Women (CSW) An overview of the Commission’s establishment, mandate, membership and composition.Search the site to find:Information regarding NGO participation in the CSW including: eligibility, pre-registration and registration, ground passes and Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs).Information on previous sessions of the Commission on the Status of Women including themes and preparations. Links to the reports on previous sessions of the Commission on the Status of Women. www.un.org/ womenwatch/daw/csw/ index.htmlwww.un.org/ womenwatch/daw/csw/ NGO.html 



Convention of the Elimination of all forms of Discrimination Against Women (CEDAW) An outline of the Convention and access to a PDF with the full text of the Convention. www.un.org/ womenwatch/daw/cedaw/ cedaw.htm
Eye on the UN Political Alliances within the UN – regional groupings www.eyeontheun.org/view.asp?p=55&l=11
DP&C Description of Beijing Platform forAction http://www.dpmc.gov.au/women/priorities/international-engagement/un-csw/54th-session/beijing-platform.cfm
Office for Women To join the NGO CSW emailing list  http://www.dpmc.gov.au/women/priorities/international-engagement/un-csw/index.cfm
Holy See Holy See Brief – A key political player at CSW is the Holy See – a representative of which usually attends the CSW negotiations. www.dfat.gov.au/geo/ holy_see/holy_see_brief. html
JERA International Information on CSW processes HumanRights of Women www.jerainternational.org/projects/bpfa/human-rights-of-women
NGO Committee on the Status of Women (NGOCSW) Homepage of the NGOCSW. NGOCSWforum www.ngocsw.org www.ngocsw.org/ngo-csw– forum
NGOCSW’s Progress Report on Beijing Plus 20 – A Fifth World Conference on Women. www.ngocsw.org/blog/2012/06/beijing-plus-20-a-fifth-world-conference-on-women/
NYCGO NYC tourist Guide www.nycgo.com
The Committee onNGOs Committee reports and documentation including an official list of all NGOs in consultative status with ECOSOC csonet.org/index.php?menu=80
United Nations UN  Charter  Chapter 1  Article 1 – Purposes and Principles www.un.org/en/ documents/charter/ chapter1.shtml
United Nations Information on the MillenniumDevelopment Goals (MDGs) www.un.org/ millenniumgoals/ bkgd.shtml
UN Women Expert group meetings www.un.org/ womenwatch/daw/ documents/egm.htm
UN Women A list of publications and resources by UN Women and other gender-relatedentities. www.un.org/ womenwatch/daw/public/ index.html
UN Women Information about CSW www.un.org/womenwatch/daw/csw
UNDP UN Deliberations on the Draft Convention on the Political Rights of Women www.udhr.org/history/124.htm