13.8 Moving about – New York Transportation System

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New York’s public transportation system, its buses and subways, operate 24 hours a day. If you are going to travel around the city via public transport, you may wish to purchase a ‘Metro-Card’ and acquire a transit (bus or subway) map from Grand Central Station, local news agencies, grocery stores and at subway stations across the city.

Taxis/cabs are relatively cheap. It is highly recommended that when you decide to travel by taxi to use the metered Yellow coloured ‘Medallion’ taxis/cabs when moving about in New York. The medallion is the tin apple shaped shield attached to the front hood of the car. Medallion cab drivers will have an illuminated light affixed to the roof of their car that contains the vehicle’s medallion number. When that light is’on’ it means the taxi is available for passengers. The illuminated light also has the cab’s medallion number, which is usually a four-figure number and letter combination, such as ‘5F34.’ The driver will also have a photo identification card and Medallion ID number in plain sight. Both should be properly lit. The medallion number is important in the event a personal item is left behind in the cab, or when one wishes to file a complaint for poor service.

One will take their chances with the so-called ‘Jitney,’ or non-medallion ‘Gypsy ‘cabs. There is little redress for poor service, let alone recovery of lost items. Further information about the New York Taxi service can be found on the NYC government website or public transportation website.