13.6 Disability Access

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Most hotels are ADA compliant, with suitable rooms for wheelchair-bound travellers as well as those with other disabilities. But before you book, ask lots of questions based on your needs. A great many New York City buildings are old. Many have been modified to meet requirements. Still, elevators and bathrooms can be on the small side, and other impediments may exist.

Some Broadway theatres and other performance venues provide total wheelchair accessibility; others provide partial accessibility. Many also offer lower-priced tickets for theatre-goers with disabilities and their companions, though you’ll need to check individual policies and reserve in advance.

Another terrific source for travellers with disabilities who are coming to New York City is Big Apple Greeter. All of its employees are extremely well versed in accessibility issues. They can provide a resource list of city agencies that serve those with disabilities.

Disability access information relating to the UN can be found in the Practical Access to the UN section of this Guide and to New York on a number of websites.