13.11 Places to eat

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While there are a plethora of restaurants to choose from in the mid-town area and near the UN, they have a tendency to be overly priced, and even mediocre. The Amish Market, close to the UN at 240 East 45th Street between 2nd  & 3rd Avenues, offers a good variety of choice that will accommodate all types of dietary requirements. Do check with the information centre listed above for further details. You may want to venture out to either Harlem (Uptown,] Chelsea, along west 23rd street, and even further downtown to New York’s Greenwich Village for the best ‘bang for the buck.’  A list of some of the cheap eats can be found through Time Out.

As you will be moving around the city and attending meetings across the day, you may consider packing a small ‘snack pack’ for those ‘in-between-the-meal’ re-charges during the course of the day.