13.1 Packing

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A wind and water resistant, warm winter coat, hat, scarves and gloves should be among your first priorities in preparing your visit.

Because of the physical layout of New York City, (it is a city built for pedestrians and walking about is part of that experience) it is suggested that you include comfortable, non slip footwear that is water-proof in the event of inclement weather. An umbrella (which can be purchased easily from street vendors for under $US10) is always useful against the snow and the rain, though not necessarily ‘break-proof ‘ against the occasional strong, cold winds. New Yorkers don’t just wear sunglasses to look ‘cool’. They are a practical barrier to protect your eyes from glare and wind.

To compensate for how cold it is outside, the interior of buildings tend to be very well heated. It is relevant to consider how warm it is inside buildings when packing.

‘Layering’ clothing is recommended, including short sleeves for many participants. Smart casual clothing tends to be the order of the day, though there may be occasions that you may wish to have business-like attire for a more formal event that you may wish to attend.