13. Practical Tips for CSW

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In 2012, the three-month period of January, February and March was the warmest first quarter ever recorded. But do not be fooled. It is important to remember that the Commission on the Status Women meetings take place during late February, the coldest month of winter in the Northern Hemisphere, where it is not unusual for the temperature to be below zero degrees Celsius.

Early March is also an unpredictable month that features a range of temperatures- ranging from late summer-like settings to severe cold and precipitation probabilities, including heavy snow with occasional snow storms and blizzards that can close airports. Below are a number of suggestions to consider during your preparations on moving around in New York, where to stay, and a bit of inside information regarding your stay in a dynamic metropolitan area.

Acquire at least some small change in US dollars before departure, which you may need for snacks during transit in Los Angeles airport, tips or transport on arrival in New York. Note also that due to concerns about counterfeit currency, many businesses are reluctant to accept high value bills (ie anything greater than $US50, and sometimes $US20). Remember that when using a credit card, you will pay a credit card surcharge in the USA and also pay Australian fees that include current exchange rates.