12.7 NGO Reporting on BPFA

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Community consultations and review of the whole BPFA are undertaken each five years to coincide with the government review years. In these review years national reports are shared at an NGO Regional Forum, held to feed outcomes into the High-Level regional reviews on BPFA. In 2009-2010, a national NGO framework for reporting against the BPFA was developed for the 15-year review of the BPFA. Over 3,500 women and organisations participated in this review.

The NGO Final Report to Government: Working Together for Equality: Beijing+15 Review became a valuable document for NGOs working at CSW54 in the review yearin 2010.

Information contained in the Review remains relevant and informative for current CSW Sessions. There are a number of documents available for your preparation in attending CSW Sessions. Australian NGO Reports and NGO Advocacy Reports are a valuable source of information.