12.6 What happened after 1995?

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Governments and women’s groups returned to their countries to put in place the actions identified under the Beijing Platform for Action.

In 2000, Kofi Anan, the Secretary General of the United Nations at the time, organised a special sitting for governments to review what they had achieved on the BPFA in five years. The meeting was held at a Special Session of the General Assembly at the United Nations in New York in June 2000.

The document that was produced from that meeting is called the Beijing+5 Outcomes Document. It found that overall many of the commitments governments had made under the BPFA had not been put into place. In addition, new and emerging issues such as rape in armed conflict as a war crime were added to the platform.

Once again women’s groups participated in Beijing+5, by lobbying in their countries, attending the NGO Parallel Forum and lobbying in the corridors of the government meeting.

In 2005 The United Nations called on governments to come to the 49th Session of the Commission on the Status of Women (CSW) meeting in New York to review how much of the Beijing Platform for Action and BPFA+5 Outcomes Document has been completed. The meeting was called Beijing+l0. The outcomes document from CSW 49th Session (Beijing+l0) affirmed the commitments made in the Beijing Platform for Action and Beijing+5 and noted that despite considerable gains in some areas, especially in the area of the elimination of violence against women, gaps and challenges still existed in the implementation of the BPFA. Global climate change and the growth of HIV/AIDS affecting poor, young and marginalised women were also highlighted as issues for concern/to be addressed.

In 20l0, once again the UN called governments to review BPFA at CSW 54th Session. Once again NGOs participated in the review and brought their voices to the UN. The outcomes document from CSW 54th (Beijing+l5) affirmed the commitments made in the Beijing Platform for Action and the Beijing+5.

The Beijing Platform for Action is reviewed every 5 years at CSW. In a review year in addition to the normal CSW processes, NGOs and governments gather regionally to assess the status of advancement. An NGO Regional Conference will take place to gather the input from NGOs from the Asia Pacific Region prior to a High Level meeting of regional leaders, held at UN ESCAP in Bangkok. This allows for a regional review to take place prior to CSW international sessions.