11.8 Influencing Language

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As an Australian NGO not on the Australia Government Delegation, the time to try to get concrete language inserts of sentences into the Draft Document is to begin to influence the process in Australia, or to work in the first four days of the Commission to attempt to influence other government delegations. Depending on the Priority Theme and the contentiousness of the areas under discussion, the timing of what you can realistically get done with regards to language in New York differs. There are obviously key areas of global concern; sexual and reproductive rights being just one of them. Language around these areas needs to be carefully framed.

While the Draft Agreed Conclusions document is developed over a number of months and drawn out from the PEP and EGM, CSW Resolutions are developed at CSW (normally drafted in advance by the Country wishing to propose them) and are at a much earlier stage of development on Day 1 of CSW. For the Australian Delegation, CSW may be the first time the Resolutions are seen. It has been known for NGOs to draft large pieces of Resolutions in collaboration with Member State representatives. However, this is rare.