01.1 Funding to attend CSW

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1.1     Funding to attend CSW

There are limited funds available to attend CSW. The majority of people attending CSW as an NGO representative are attending as part of the financial arrangements of their organisation, or are fully, or partially, self-funded. Costs are high as CSW takes place in New York and this is one of the most expensive cities in the world.

Those who have obtained financial support from funders or philanthropists are reluctant to share information regarding this, as resources are scarce. Application for funding should be submitted to any funder in plenty of time for consideration and to allow time to be registered (the registration process for CSW normally begins in six months prior to the Commission).

Currently, NGO delegates with the Australian Government Delegation to CSW are provided funding within the Prime Minister & Cabinet (PM&C) budget. These delegates are selected through a merit- based selection process. Information about the delegate selection process is made available through the PM&C website, the Australian Government Office for Women’s CSW Mailing List and the National Women’s Alliances.

Currently, the Australian Human Rights Commission (AHRC) supports funding for individuals with disability to participate in key international forums on human rights in order to inform Australian disability policy development and promote and protect the rights of people with disability in Australia. Individuals have previously been funded to participate in CSW through this scheme. Information about the scheme is available on the AHRC website.

Non-government organisations  and Australian National Women’s Alliances may also provide full or partial financial support to their members to participate in CSW.