08.4 Australian NGO / Government Networking event in New York

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The Australian Permanent Mission to the UN has previously hosted  a networking reception at the Australian Mission to allow Australian Government Delegates, UN Mission staff and Australian NGO representatives to come together to celebrate CSW,  acknowledge the Australian NGOs attending CSW and to allow for a little down time. Holding this event is dependant on current events, relevant commitments and responsibilities of the Ambassador and Mission staff The event normally takes place in the first week of CSW. Drinks and finger food are generally available. Information about the event is sent out via the Australian Government Office for Women CSW NGO email list.  An invitation will be sent out and RSVP’s are needed by the stated deadline so your name can be added to the security list at the entrance of the Mission, which is within walking distance of the UN. Photo ID is needed to enter the building-you can use your UN Grounds Pass.

In some years the event is jointly hosted with one or more of the Pacific Missions.