08.3 Daily briefings with the Australian Delegation

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Daily briefings will be organised and hosted by the NGO delegates on the government delegation as directed by the Head of the Delegation.

This is somewhat unique to Australian attendees and NGOs are encouraged to attend regularly to be updated on language, issues and meetings. Members from the Australian Delegation to CSW meet each evening with NGO representatives to bring them up to date with the proceedings from the day and where the negotiations are on the various documents being worked on. It allows for quick sharing if an issue arises and if either side needs information or support. The daily meetings are set up in New York and the location depends on the space available. In past years they have been held in the foyer or a meeting room of  a hotel near to the UN. They usually take place after the close of the UN CSW Sessions each day which conclude around 6-6.30pm and are kept to approximately an hour, to accommodate the daily diary events of everyone.