08.15 Caucuses

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A Caucus is another word for a discussion or interest group getting together around a common issue or theme. CSW Caucuses are political spaces where lobbying and advocacy happens. Advocacy centres mostly on the draft Conclusions document (sometimes referred to as the Outcomes document). NGOs can work on this document through Caucuses, individually or in self-organised informal groups. The table on the next page provides information about the various caucuses at CSW.

A breakdown of the various Caucuses at CSW
Name of caucus What it covers Why should I attend?
NGO Daily Caucus Meeting (also known as NGO Daily briefing) The NGO Caucus meets daily at 8.30 a.m. This Caucus allows NGOs to share their concerns about CSW, to develop joint strategies and to be brought up to date with the events and advocacy at CSW.
Check the CSW NGO website for venue.
To find out what you need to know.

This is an extremely helpful way to help you navigate CSW and the various happenings.

Regional Caucuses

• Asia Pacific Caucus

For Australians, the Asia Pacific Caucus meeting is where the national meets the regional. Common issues are discussed; a regional intervention statement is drawn up for presentation to governments at CSW and areas for regional advocacy to be taken forward.

In review years these are the groups who carry forward grassroots advocacy into the UN fora.

To strengthen regional interaction and alliance building.

To gain support for macro issues.

To provide input on language and interventions.

Table 4. A breakdown of the various Caucuses at CSW