v. Overview

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Event Commission on the Status of Women.
Annual Sessions are numbered; such as Fifty-seventh Session of the Commission in 2013 and are commonly referred to as CSW57.
Location UN Headquarters, Manhattan, New York, situated in the Turtle Bay neighbourhood of Manhattan on 1st Avenue between East 42nd and East 48th Streets
When Towards the end of February / beginning of March each year.
Who attends Representatives from:

NGO Registration Registration is required for NGOs to attend CSW. Those attending CSW need to be endorsed by an organisation accredited to the UN(ECOSOC).Attending as a representative of an accredited organisation, it is essential that you are clear on your organisation’s – and therefore, your  representation and mandate at the Commission.
NGO attending as part of the Australian Government Delegation The Australian Government sends an official delegation to CSW. This is coordinated by the Office for Women with assistance from the Australian Permanent Mission to the UN in New York and the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT).A formal selection process is undertaken to select the NGO delegates included on the Australian Government delegation.
Venues for NGO Parallel
Events and Caucuses
Caucuses and Parallel Sessions are often held in the UN building. You may require an extra pass to enter the building or conference room. The extra pass will be distributed by the organisation hosting the Parallel Session/Caucus.The majority of Parallel Sessions are held at the Church Center (CCUN) , the Salvation Army Building or the Armenian Centre.

The Church Center is located opposite the UN HQ on the corner of 1st Avenue and East 44th Street (opposite corner to the One UN Hotel).

The Salvation Army Building is located at 221 East 52nd Street – a short walk from the UN building and Church Center.

The Armenian Centre is located at 630 2nd Avenue, New York, New York 10016 (corner of E34th St).

For any other events, such as the NGOCSW Forum Introductory Day, or the UNNGOCSW Networking event, please check venue on flyer or against registration details.

What are the key activities for participants at CSW?
  • Online discussion on Priority Theme
  • Formal negotiations (government only)
  • Side Events
  • Panels
  • Preparatory Expert Panel on the CSW theme for following year
  • Bi-lateral meetings (government only)
  • Multi-lateral meetings (government only)
  • Government Caucuses  (e.g. JUSCANZ, WEOG)
  • International Women’s Day Celebration
  • CSW NGO Consultation Day
  • Parallel Sessions
  • Caucuses (Regional, Thematic, Linkage, NGO)
  • Conversation Circles
  • NGO Networking Events
Australian Activities around CSW Pre-CSW

  • CSW lists of NGOs intending to attend CSW and those that wish to keep abreast of Government preparations for CSW are developed and maintained by the Australian Government Office for Women.
  • OfW may seek input from NGO’s on key issues pertinent to the theme and works with other government departments who provide information on key issues relevant to the CSW Themes.
  • This may include  Pre-CSW meeting.
Australian Activities around CSW (cont’d) At CSW

  • Government presents Country Statement
  • Involved in negotiating text at formal discussions
  • Daily briefings by Australian Delegation to NGOs
  • An Australian networking event may be held at the Australian Mission to the UN, but is dependant of current events and responsibilities.
  • Australian Government co-hosts Side Events. NGOs must
  • apply through the Office for Women email list for invitations/special passes to enter UN buildings.Post CSW
  • The OfW may support post-CSW debrief events- drawing actions from the Outcomes
NGO Participation at CSW Currently

  • Up to 20 representatives from ECOSOC accredited organisations can attend CSW at any time.
  • Each representative needs to register for CSW and receive a CSW Pass (issued individually at registration at the UN).
  • Each ECOSOC accredited organisation is also given ONE pass to access the General Assembly and key UN rooms.  It is essential that if you hold this pass you arrange a system to share it between the organisation’s 20 delegates.
  • Side Events held in the North Lawn Building also require extra event passes – these are issued on the morning or afternoon of the day of the event by the event organisers.
  • From time to time, additional passes are required to enter the North Lawn Building – information on these passes will be posted on the NGOCSW Forum webpage
Figure 5. CSW Timelines (non BPFA Review year)
Figure 5. CSW Timelines (non BPFA Review year)