i. Acknowledgements

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This Australian NGO Guide to the Commission on the Status of Women (CSW) was made possible through the work and input of many individuals and organisations to which we are deeply grateful.

The impetus for this Guide came from a sector wide desire for stronger engagement around CSW and its processes. JERA International has endeavoured to make this Guide ‘cover all bases’ as discussed during teleconferences, numerous phone calls, emails and discussions. Specific requests for information, strategies to engage with CSW and ways to work with groups attending CSW have been covered in this Guide.

Development of this Guide was community driven and is targeted to fit those thinking of engaging with CSW as well as those who attend on a regular basis. All information in this Guide is current at the time of writing. As developments occur internationally and nationally, it is hoped this Guide can be added to and used as a living, ongoing document.

We thank all the individuals and organisations who gave time in the development of this Guide and we are ever grateful for your input.

Expertise was drawn from the following organisations, agencies and alliances: Advocacy for Inclusion, African Women of Australia (AWAU), Asia Pacific Forum (APF),Australian Human Rights Commission (AHRC), Australian Women Against Violence Alliance (AWAVA), Business and Professional Women Australia (BPWA), Council of Small Businesses of Australia (COSBOA), economic Security4Women (eS4W), Equality Rights Alliance (ERA), International Access Networks (IAN), International Anglican Women’s Network (IAWN), International Women in Trade and Commerce (IWTC), Koori Women Mean Business (KWMB), League of Women Voters, Mudgin-gal Aboriginal Women’s Corporation, National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Women’s Alliance (NATSIWA), National Council of Women Australia (NCWA), National Foundation of Australian Women (NFAW), National Rural Women’s Coalition (NRWC), (previously) Australian Migrant and Refugee Women’s Alliance (AMaRWA), Riding for Disabled Association of Australia (RDAA), Soroptimists, UN Association of Australia (UNAA) Status of Women Committee, UN Women Australia, Women’s International League of Peace and Freedom (WILPF), Women With Disabilities Australia (WWDA), Young Women’s Christian Association (YWCA).

Extra special thanks go to those who drafted, reviewed and redrafted sections.

This work was largely supported by a grant from the Australian Government Office for Women . Our thanks go to the staff of the Australian Government Office for Women who provided patience, support and technical assistance.

The on-line format of this manual was largely supported by a grant from the Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet. Our heartfelt thanks go to Jools and Thatch from Pretentia for their patience, humour and assistance in the development of the e-version of this Guide.